The first and only reference of its kind, Burton's Legal Thesaurus has become a standard-bearer for everyone in the legal profession. In this its 40th year in publication, this Sixth Edition offers 14,000 synonyms, legal phrases, and associated concepts, including more than 3,000 newly added full entries.

Added are many topical and timely new entries, from "nuclear option" to "false narrative," and from "catch kill" agreements to "judicial activism." Other new and contemporary concepts range from "extreme weather" to "artificial intelligence" and "Constitutional avoidance".

"Prepared by lawyers, comprehensive, up-to-date, easy to use."
- American Bar Association Journal

"A tool to strengthen the lawyer's vocabulary and improve the precision of legal writing."
-Maryland Bar Journal

"Given the popularity of plain language laws, the Legal Thesaurus could be just the book to own."
-United States Law Week

"The legal profession should find this volume valuable in using the exact word to convey the meaning intended."
-New York State Bar Journal

"It is through the use of such a tool as the Legal Thesaurus that one may find the precise term to fit the nuances of a particular situation."
-William O. Douglas Justice, U.S. Supreme Court, 1939-1975